Jack Russell Terrier Lab
Jack Russell Terrier Lab

The Jack Russell Terrier Lab is a beautiful dog, and one of the best-looking coat colors is black and white. But what makes this dog so unique?

The Black And White Jack Russell Terrier Lab is a crossbreed mix between a Jack Russell and Labrador Retriever. The size is smaller than the average lab, but the temperament is the same. Overall, this breed is loving and loyal, with an average weight of 25-50 LBs and a height of 16-20 Inches.

The gene pool of Jack Russell Terrier Lab Mixes is attractive because they already have a ton of similarities, like their history as hunting dogs. This comprehensive guide examines each breed from the 1800s and explains why this black-and-white mix is so great.

When it comes to hybrid dogs, it can be difficult to predict precisely how each dog will grow up. Some dogs exhibit the same temperament as their parents, while others show an entirely new personality.

A Jack Russell Terrier Lab Mix is a mixed breed dog that crosses the Jack Russel and the Labrador. This hybrid is an excellent choice for an active family or someone who loves to be outdoors.

But to understand this breed and its history, knowing about both parent breeds is necessary.

Jack Russell Terrier
The Jack Russell Terrier was first bred in the early 1800s, and the name comes from Reverend John Russell. He was the creator of this dog breed.

As an avid hunter, the creation of this dog was to scare away foxes. Nobody knows for sure which two dogs were used to get this breed, but it is thought that it was the Bull Terrier and Beagle.

This very energetic dog breed loves to be active and play outside. These dogs are brilliant and can be trained easily. They are best suited to families who can give them plenty of exercise and attention.

Black And White Jack Russell Terrier Lab Mix (A Comprehensive Guide)

A Jack Russell Terrier Lab mix is known as a Jackador. This is a less common dog breed because these two dogs are much different in size, lifestyle, and temperament.

The outcome is rare and unique when mixing these two dogs to get the black and white breed. The most common look is a black body with a white chest and multi-colored face. But it’s also possible to have one with a white or No with spots and a multi-colored face.

Besides the different color coats, everything else about the Jackador remains the same. Here are some of the critical characteristics of this lively dog breed.

Jackador Traits Information
Avg. Weight 25-50 LBs
Avg. Height 16-20 Inches
Grooming Needs Low Maintenance
Shedding Above Average
Hypoallergenic No
Avg. Lifespan 10-14 Years