Flexible, transparent payment that adapts to your needs


Golden Labrador Retrievers Home accepts and encourages deposits to hold the puppy of your choice until they are old enough to go to your home (typically 8 weeks of age). Deposits are $500.00 and handled on a first deposit/ first choice basis. Deposits are refundable unless it is an issue on our end. Deposits are transferable and good for future litters in the event a deposit is made and a puppy cannot be purchased by the buyer as intended in the current litter.

Delivery / Shipping: In the event, it is not feasible for you to personally pick up your new puppy based on your location or other reasons, we will gladly arrange for delivery. We offer air freight quoted according to your specific location (in addition to the price of the puppy), or depending on your location and our schedule we are often willing to deliver or meet a new owner halfway. Air shipping typically ranges from $300 to $400 in addition to the puppy price. We will quote airfare based on your specific location. Pet safe flights are NOT available to every major airport. Hurry and get a puppy as we currently have 3 vouchers to ship 3 puppies for free until the 28th of next month.

Payment: Payments should be made in cash or through Zelle Pay or MoneyGram/Western Union.

Our experienced staff brings years of knowledge in the puppy shipping industry and will make your shipping experience as easy as possible. Our Puppies are shipped with most major airlines; they all have pressurized cabins with climate control systems, and the puppies are flown in a special compartment for pets. We strive to provide you with extraordinary customer service from beginning to end. We explain every detail thoroughly providing full flight and tracking details so you can stay connected to your puppy(s) throughout the process.


Given the puppy is at least 8 weeks of age or older and has the right medical documents required for shipment, we normally deliver within 6-8 hours the same day or the day after. Note: We require at least 2 hours to purchase the airline ticket. That is the only way to get good airfares, so please be patient and we will do the best we can to get your puppy to you as fast as we can. How do we deliver our Bulldog Puppies in the summer? Delivery and Shipping will be carried out by a professional animal relocation agency and the puppy will be shipped mostly by land with temperature regulatory crates.


Your puppy will arrive in a brand new airline-approved kennel with absorbent bedding and a food & water dish. All puppies are flown in the pet-conducive part of the aircraft which is a safe temperature-controlled environment. Note: Any kenneling fees owed because of flight cancellations will be the responsibility of the individual who receives the puppy. Every puppy shipped through Rare Frenchie Puppies Club will be handled with the utmost professional precision by one of our shipping experts. We accept payment through Zelle, MoneyGram/Western Union After Signing The Sales Contract. Zelle is a United States–based digital payments network owned by Early Warning Services, a private financial services company owned by the following banks: Bank of America, BB&T, Capital One, JPMorgan Chase, PNC Bank, U.S. Bank, and Wells Fargo.

How do I use Chase Zelle?

Sign in to with your username and password. Choose “Chase QuickPay® with Zelle®” from the “Pay & Transfer” menu. Read and accept the Chase QuickPay Service Agreement and Privacy Notice. We’ll send you a one-time code so you can verify your email address and/or mobile number.

How do I use Bank of America Zelle?

To get started, sign in to Online Banking or our Mobile Banking app and select Begin Setup. Enter your email address or U.S. mobile phone number, receive and enter a one-time verification code, accept the terms and conditions and you’re ready to start sending and receiving with Zelle for your small business.

How do I use BB&T with Zelle?

You can enroll with Zelle through U by BB&T ® online banking or mobile app in three simple steps. Select Send Money with Zelle ® in the U navigation menu. Choose the primary account you want to use for Zelle payments. Verify your contact information (U.S. mobile number and/or email) for payments.

How does Zelle work with US Bank??

Zelle is a fast, safe and easy way for eligible businesses to send, request, and receive money directly between eligible bank accounts in the U.S.2 If your customers use Zelle within their mobile banking app, they can send payments directly to your U.S. Bank account using just your email address or U.S. mobile number.

Zelle- Send and Request Money | Wells Fargo??

Registering your eligible U.S.-based checking or savings account is quick and convenient. You can do it right in Wells Fargo Online® or the Wells Fargo Mobile® app. Sign on and select Transfer & Pay. Go to Send Money with Zelle® and view the Welcome note. Read and accept the Zelle® Transfer Service Addendum. Register an email address or U.S. mobile number, and select the account where you want money to be deposited. You’re ready to use Zelle. Note: You may receive a one-time verification code for each email address or U.S. mobile number selected. If so, enter it in the verification code field.

Enroll with Zelle Through Your PNC Mobile App.

Log on to your PNC Mobile App with your Online Banking User ID and password. Tap on the menu, which is the three horizontal white bars in the upper-left corner of the screen. Tap on SEND MONEY WITH ZELLE®. Read the messages on the Welcome to Zelle screen and tap on ACCEPT & CONTINUE. After reading the Terms & Conditions, tap on I AGREE. Choose a mobile number. Your mobile number will be used to send and receive payments. You may be asked to verify the selected mobile number. You can add a different number, tap on SKIP THIS STEP, or tap on USE THIS MOBILE NUMBER. Choose an email address. Your email can also be used to send and receive payments. You may be asked to verify the selected email address. You can add a different email address, tap on SKIP THIS STEP, or tap on USE THIS EMAIL ADDRESS. Choose a bank account to send and receive payments. Accounts can be updated in Settings. Tap on the PNC account you want to use with Zelle. Review your enrollment information, then tap on SEND OR REQUEST MONEY.

How do I send funds with Zelle using Capital One?

You can send funds using Zelle through the website or mobile app. If you have not registered with Zelle, you will need to first register your account with Zelle through the Capital One Mobile app. To access Zelle through the mobile app: Sign in to the Capital One Mobile app (Text “MOBILE” to 80101 for a link to download) Tap the checking account you want to send funds with Tap “Send Money With Zelle” to get started To access Zelle through the website: Sign in to Click on the checking account you want to send funds with Click “Send Money With Zelle” to get started Please Note: You may be required to verify a One-Time Passcode to send funds with Zelle. If you do not have a mobile phone number that can be used to receive a one-time passcode, you cannot send funds with Zelle.